Enter to be the new face of Phoenix Designs!


We’re looking for a dancer who will represent Phoenix Designs as we relaunch the company after 15 years of creating gorgeous Irish dresses!

The winner will be supplied with a new dress/waistcoat each year as long as they are the acting “face” of the company.

Could that dancer be you? Video contest starts September 1st. Enter by September 15th!

What are we looking for?

We’re really looking for someone who will inspire and also act as a role model. We want to find a dancer with personality who will help to embody Phoenix Designs. (See more on eligibility and what’s involved at the bottom of this post.)

Video contest – How to enter

Entrants need to create a short, 1-2 minute video that includes:

  1. Your name, age, dance level, dance school, achievements/aspirations;
  2. Why you think you’d make a great role model for Phoenix Designs;
  3. What additional hobbies and interests you have;
  4. Your favourite dance step – show us!

All entrants get a special discount

All entrants will be eligible for 25% off your next costume if ordered in 2017.

contest kick-off

Contest opens September 1, 2017.


Contest closes September 15, 2017. After the contest closes, we will select the top 5 videos and keep them in place for voting until September 30th. The voting is from September 15th to September 30th, so get your video in as early as possible after the 15th in order to get more votes. We’ll announce the winner in early October!

A bit more background on eligibility & GUIDELINES

Q: Who can enter?
A: Anyone who is taught by a TCRG and is eligible to compete.

Q: Do I need to be a Champ dancer?
A: No, not at all.

Q: What are you looking for in your Representative?
A: We are looking for an outgoing, enthusiastic, positive, well rounded role model who loves dancing and competing.

Q: How will the winner be chosen?
A: All entries will be uploaded and pre-chosen by a panel of 3. Then the top 3-5 will be made available online for the general public to vote.

Q: What will I win?
A: The winner will receive a free costume each year for as long as they are acting as Phoenix Design’s representative. Additional crystals and shipping costs are the responsibility of the winner.

Q: Are there any other prizes?
A: Everyone who enters will receive 25% off their costume if it is ordered in 2017. And that’s not all! So everyone can share in the excitement of our new company look, every costume ordered for the Oireachtas season will be 10% off. For Canadians, instead of a flat 10% discount, we’ll cover your taxes for you (unless your province’s tax is less than 10% then you’ll get the full 10% discount).

Q: Do I have to do anything else to enter?
A: All contestants must post at least once to either Instagram or Facebook (or heck, both!) and tag Phoenix Irish Dresses as well as use the hashtag #wishitwinitwearit.

Q: What will my responsibilities be as your company representative?
A: Your image may be used in Phoenix Design’s print ads, on its website, and on its Facebook and Instagram pages. The winner must commit to a minimum of one year of active service as Phoenix’s Designs new face/role model.

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