Contest Opens for the new Face of Phoenix Designs


The contest to find the new face of Phoenix Designs opens Friday, September 1st. Make sure you’re ready with your 1 – 2 minute video submission and a link to the contest form (also embedded lower down in this post):

The winner will be supplied with a new dress/waistcoat each year as long as they are the acting “face” of the company. All entrants will be eligible for 25% off your next costume if ordered in 2017.

Contest Eligibility

The original contest info, including eligibility can be seen here.

Your Video Submission

Entrants need to create a short, 1-2 minute video that includes:

  1. Your name, age, dance level, dance school, achievements/aspirations;
  2. Why you think you’d make a great role model for Phoenix Designs;
  3. What additional hobbies and interests you have;
  4. Your favourite dance step – show us!

Remember to share at least once on Instagram (@phoenixirishdresses) or Facebook!

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