Irish Dress FAQs

Q: How much will my dress cost?

A: The cost of the dress depends upon size, skirt style, amount of embroidery and fabric choices. Dresses start at $1000 for the smaller dresses and you will pay no higher than $2000 CAD (which would be for the largest and/or the most elaborate dresses in the Grand Prix range).

If you provide a chest/waist/hip and dress length measurement we can provide a price range.

Q: How much is the deposit?

A: A deposit of $500 CAD (Canadian dollars) is required for solo costumes, $300 CAD for waistcoats, and $250 CAD for school costumes. Please note that the deposit is non-refundable.

By placing your non-refundable deposit you are agreeing to all of the information outlined on this page.

Please also note that you will not be put in the queue until the deposit has been received.

Q: What currency do you accept?

All payments are made in Canadian dollars. You can use the XE Currency converter to convert the amount owing if needed. The amount quoted is the amount to be typed in to the payment box and your credit card company will make the appropriate currency conversion.

Q: What are the payment methods?

A: The preferred method of payment is doing a money transfer through your bank.  Our online order form offers payment through PayPal; you may pay either with your PayPal account or use your credit card on Checkout.  A surcharge of 2.9% will be applied to the total amount owing on the final invoice if this method is used.

Q: Are any crystals included in the cost?

A: Crystals cost extra. You can have us do them or you can do them yourself. We can provide a quote or work within your crystal budget.

Q: What is included with my dress?

A: A shawl, headband (unstoned), and a number clip holder, as well as any extra fabric scraps.

Q: How much is shipping and how long will it take to get my costume?

A: Shipping is $60 to the US, $50 in Canada and for Australia/UK prices will be quoted once the address is known.

Costumes are shipped Expedited via Canada Post and in most cases take 2-3 days. A tracking number will be provided once the costume has shipped.

Q: Will I have any input into my costume design?

A: You can have as much or as little input as you like. Please bear in mind that the more artistic licence given to the designer the better your dress will be.  If you are close enough to travel to our studio, a personal consultation can be arranged.

Q: How does the design process work?

A: Approximately two weeks prior to starting your dress you will be asked to send your dress “wish list” as well as measurements (more on this below).

You will be asked to provide a general overview of what you’re looking for in your costume including colors/skirt styles/general “feel” of the dress etc. Once we receive your costume specifics you will receive up to 2 original designs. This includes any minor tweaking of the design to better fit your vision. Additional designs will be charged at $100 per design.

Clients are generally the most satisfied when they have a general idea of what they want and let the designer have a lot of artistic freedom. Those that are very narrow in their design parameters will have a very difficult time deciding on their design. We, at Phoenix Designs, have years of experience both designing costumes and knowing what works on stage, especially at majors. If you put your trust in us you will receive a better costume than one that is micro-managed. Please note the the designer is responsible for the final product and design.

Q: How does the measurement process work?

Accurate measurements are the most important step in your entire custom dress experience. Phoenix Designs has simplified this process for you by providing a comprehensive photo array as well as a video so you can see exactly how to take the measurements.

You will then send the numerical values as well as photos of your dancer’s measurements.  Make sure that the number is clearly visible on the tape measure. It’s also really important that you send your dancer’s measurements as soon as possible because any delay will slow down the design process and could delay your delivery date.

Measurements are collected from you about 2 weeks before the dress is started. We offer detailed guidance in a video and in photographs and we provide a form for submitting your dancer’s measurements. See the Measurements page for full details.

Q:  What about fit?

A:  With respect to fittings, because the dress is custom made I do endeavor to the best of my ability to deliver a dress that fits.  When making a dress long distance, sometimes fit issues occur.  If you are able, I prefer to meet for fittings.  Once the dress is shipped, minor alterations such as bodice let out would be your own responsibility. I do leave 1-2″ of letdown room.  Return shipping is the responsibility of the customer, however, I pay to reship the dress back to you once the alteration is completed.  Please note that the dress you are ordering is a custom made costume, made to your dancer’s specific measurements and color choices, and as such it is not returnable unless very specific criteria and arrangements are made.  Costumes are made following the CLRG Costume Rules. Please note the the designer is responsible for the final product and design.

 Q: How long will it take to get my dress once the design is agreed upon?

A: From the time the costume is put on the embroidery machine to completion is 1 week. In 15 years of being in business Phoenix Designs has never missed a deadline.