Custom Irish Dress Design

Get the dress of your dreams. Phoenix Designs offers 3 levels or tiers of custom Irish dress design.

The cost of the dress will depend on size, skirt style, amount of embroidery and fabric choices. Dresses start at $850 for the very small dresses and go no higher than $1950 CAD (for the largest and/or the most elaborate dresses in the Grand Prix range). For full details, please visit the FAQs page.

If you provide a chest/waist/hip and dress length measurement we can provide a price range.

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Grand Prix

Your dream dress with all the bells and whistles. Heavily embroidered, space for heavy crystallization if wanted (crystals cost extra), up-to-the-minute designs.


Timeless, simple designs catering to novice/prizewinner and adult dancers. Lower price point but high in elegance. Your costume can be adorned with as many crystals as you wish.

Non Bling

These dresses can be as elaborate or simple as you wish. Choose between having your costume made as a two-piece and having a second bodice (either the same or different from the original non bling version) and a second cape made to be blinged out for major competitions.

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