Measuring your Irish dress

Irish Dress Measurements

It’s all in the details – use our measurement video and guide to get your dress just right!

The information here will help to explain how to measure your dancer for her custom Irish dance dress. Please measure carefully to ensure the best fit on her dress.

Important information

Timing for measurements: We will contact you for these about 2 weeks before we start work on your dress. Make sure you do this on time and keep your dress on track for timely completion! You will use our online form and send photos by email.
Submitting measurements: Please use the measurement form to submit your dancer’s measurements. You must also send photos for all of these measurements to us by email, These are essential to help ensure the best fit.

Video Guidance for Measurements

Photo Guidance for Measurements


Submit Your Measurements Now

Please use the online form to submit your measurements for your custom solo dress. You MUST also send in photos of each measurement you take to our email address, The photos help in ensuring the right fit.